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    Florals are more of like a summer thing right? Bright, colorful, happy!

    A close Korean friend of mine told me before, “It’s summer everyday in the Philippines.” It literally made me laugh out loud as he fanned himself beside me while he said that. 

    Because of that, it made me think that it’s okay to wear florals any time of the year in the Philippines then! Hahaha! XD

    So during my blogger’s day out with fashion blogger ate Dee Bacang of BlushPearls, I decided to wear this comfy cotton floral rompers then! (^u^) Who’d have thought ate Dee would be sporting a floral dress as well?! Hahaha! XD


  2. Got to steal a shot featuring the glossy white sand of Siargao from our very short trip last week..…

    Got to steal a shot featuring the glossy white sand of Siargao from our very short trip last week..  These are the quick fixes I dumped into my bag as I was packing for the trip, I had no extra preparations whatsoever but I kind of liked how this look came out.  It’s still comfy for a stroll in the sandy beaches of Siargao and coral plus pink plus blue seems to complement the pale backdrop.  …

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  3. Calling all fashion enthusiasts within cagayan de oro city… Hope you could spare an hour of ur time to join us on Sunday as we raise funds (by way of an open shoot) for the benefit of our beloved lolos & lolas being sheltered in St. Joseph Home for the Aged in Nazareth.. Actual thanksgiving with program, salo-salo, gift-giving, one-in-a-million performances on October 26.. <3

    It would be a great pleasure if you can join us in this cause.. Happening on October 19, Sunday from 9am onwards at Lifestyle district..

    P500 only inclusive of makeup by Sydney Streegan @sydneys_mua & kistler caculba , clothing from @spoiledbratte and photo from @ragdollsparrow and kuya raphy arcaina

  4. Pink ♡ Later on my blog blushpearls.com #cdoblogger #cdolookbook #ootd #chictopiastyle #SiargaoExperience

  5. Never tell your problems to anyone. 80% don’t care and 20% are glad youhave them. -kushandwizdom #spreadloveandpositivity #AngerImprisons #LifeLessons #LoveDontHate


  6. Off to Surigao

    Earlier this week, father-in-law, husband and I thoughtlessly decided on a 4-day trip to Surigao… and I was like giggling with mere excitement.. All I had in mind was  nothing but the side-trip we could enjoy at the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao.  Woohoo! A trip to Surigao was 0ne for the books.  I have never been past Gingoog city and I have never been to Butuan either.  So, after…

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  7. Knits + sneaks = comfy travel.. later on blushpearls.com ♡ #cdolookbook #cdoblogger #fblogger

  8. Whats new on blushpearls.com, it’s all about the print ♢♢♢

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    Photo by @ragdollsparrow ♡♡♡


  9. It’s All about the Print

    It’s All about the Print

    …  When it comes to fashion and style, I am more of a comfort-lover than a risk-taker.. I haven’t been completely drawn yet to trying all the different trends that’s been coming out now in fashion weeks.  I haven’t tried the gingham trend yet (or is it even still on trend?), or the plaid on plaid or mules and over-sized coats to name a few, phew! Now, I must be a really one easy-snazzy blogger…

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  10. Stripes + Denim (by Ludelle Bacang)

    #denimcutoffs #studdedshorts #stripes #asymmetrictop #casualchic #streetstyle


  11. 5 Important Notes to Self

    5 Important Notes to Self

    We all go through a lot of emotional set-backs in our lives and how we all handle each setback is adamantly unique.  There are those who can easily shake-up an ireful situation and quickly switch it up into a spring of positive emotions, while others just simply could not get out from the rut and continuously find themselves trapped in the hollow grounds of loneliness and sadness.  Whichever…

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  12. To my long lost best friend, though things have changed I am still hoping that one day soon we’ll be like this again, talking non-stop… Happy birthday! <3

  13. Pop of colour. Some new and interesting looks are queued for blushpearls.com ♡♡♡ #asianstyle #feathers #colorful #rosetattoo #fashioninspiration #ootdmagazine #chictopiastyle #pilipinasootd #senseadstye #stylebibleph

  14. This look later on the blog blushpearls.com ♡ my photographer/blogger friend @ragdollsparrow in action.. More photos soon ♡♡♡ #shorts #streetstyle #fashion inspiration #styleinspiration #asianfashion #fblogger #igersbisaya

  15. Shoot session earlier w #blogger #photographer #stylist friend @ragdollsparrow

    #floral @romwe #dress Soon on the blog bluuhpearls.com ♡♡♡